I have been taking Jujitsu classes since the age of five and I have been a cadet black belt since the age of 10.

I chose to do Jujitsu mainly to help me with self confidence, awareness and concentration as well as helping me increase my fitness, speed, strength and flexibility.  It’s a sport that anyone can do, no matter your size, strength, ability or age and the discipline and self-defence techniques are both helpful and reassuring to know should you have to defend yourself at anytime.   I have continued with it all these years because I have enjoyed both learning the skills and now helping to teach them.

I am mainly trained in JuJitsu  but have also taken classes in Karate, Taekwondo, Judo and Kendo as well as learning some weapons techniques (Nunchakus, Jo, Samurai Sword, Bo, Sai Tonfa Kuma, Bokken and Dagger)

In the near future, I hope to achieve a senior black belt (1st Dan) and will continue to train and encourage young people to take classes, learning self confidence, discipline and respect.

As well as martial arts, I also do so many other sports to help me keep fit and active.  I train almost every night either at the gym or I am training in jujitsu golf or rowing.  I am the Head Sports Representative for my High School Year and a Sports Leader helping organise events for my peers and primary schools.  I have trained in martial arts with Sensei Adam Forshaw for the last 10 years and I am excited to be an instructor for his Black Scorpions Martial Arts Association.